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Acupressure Mats :: Products :: Cosmetic Blue Cambrian Clay (60g)

Cosmetic Blue Cambrian Clay (60g)
Cosmetic Blue Cambrian Clay (60g) 

Cosmetic Russian Blue Cambrian Clay is a ‘Wonder Product’!


The benefits of using Russian Blue Clay must be one of the best kept beauty and medicinal secrets of the modern world!
Russian Blue Cambrian Clay contains essential mineral salts and micro-elements our body needs for health, - such as silica, iron, phosphates, calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, etc, in a form that the body can absorb easily.
Blue clay is a natural product sourced from the clear plains of Siberia. Blue clay detoxifies, cleans, revitalises and energizes and it stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, activates blood circulation whilst generally softening the skin.
Blue Clay has an anti-bacterial effect and it can be successfully used to treat various skin conditions (acne, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis), arthritis, and muscular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, gynaecological problems.
Clay can be used for face masks, and body wraps. It can also be used as an ingredient for other cosmetic products.
What direct benefits are offered by Blue Clay?
Regular use of Blue Clay will:
- Detoxify skin,
- Hydrate and nourish skin,
- Smooth out wrinkles,
- Reduce puffiness,
- Treat acne/spots/blemishes,
- Improve skin appearance and texture,
- Increase blood and lymph circulation,
- Speed up body metabolism,
- Boost the immune system.
How to use Blue Clay powder
1. Facial Rejuvenating Mask:
Mix Blue Clay with warm water to a smooth paste (using approximately 50% water) and spread evenly over the face; let dry for 20 minutes, and then remove with warm water. Use your moisturiser to nourish the skin afterwards.
For Acne treatment: mix Blue Clay (2 table spoons) with warm water and sea salt (1 table spoon) to make a facial pack. Apply daily onto affected area. It can be also used for warts, athlete’s foot, yeast fungus, ringworm, sunburns, scalp, pimples, cuts, boils, cold sores and shingles.
2. Cleopatra Bath:
Mix 1lb (0.5Kg) of Blue Clay with just enough water (t 37-38°C) to fully submerge the body. Let the Blue Clay hydrate for 15 minutes. Stir the water before getting into the bath. Start by staying in the bath for 10-15 minutes. Increase gradually up to 30-40 minutes within 7-10 days.
3. Therapeutic pain & inflammation reducing application:
Mix enough Blue Clay with water and warm it up on a water bath. For applications and compresses use Blue Clay mixture at 42-45 °C, layer thickness 1-1,5 cm. Duration of procedure: 30-90 min. Procedures should be carried out for 1-2 days, with a break on the third day. These applications can be useful for the treatment of psoriasis, arthritis, eczema, ulcers, inflammations, aches and pains.
4. Pain relief Compress:
Mix Blue Clay with warm water to form a semi-liquid paste, spread over a clean cloth and apply to an affected area (normally an area of localised problem, e.g. arthritis, strain, sprain, back problem, etc.). Cover the area with warm cloth and cling film. Leave on for 2 hours or longer, even overnight.
Please Note: Blue Clay should be discharged straight after treatment and must not be re-used!
    Packaging can be different to the pictured one
Finest Blue Cambrian Clay from Russia (60g pack)

Price: £7.97 ($ 12.27)


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Product rating


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Customer Reviews

Author: Yvonne G.
Great product!
Really helped with my acne problem.

Author: Lucy (Russia)
My experience of blue clay is completely healed myoma (tumor) of uterus. All thanks to just 7-8 of daily (overnight) compresses of this really wonderful substance! Use it whatever problem you are suffering from, especially if your doctor cannot help you. Sometimes you just don\'t have to wait that long to realise that there are totally different methods to cure. Blue clay is definitely one of them. Thank you, Mother-Earth!

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Thank you for your wonderful Acupressure Mat! I am a teacher and have to spend much of the day on my feet. Recently I found myself suffering from a great deal of back pain that affected my concentration. I was recommended to try Acupressure and bought one of your mats. The results have been great and my back is back to normal. Even my students have noticed that I am in a better mood - most of the time! Laura Bainton, Bath  
I have always been strong and active and never paid much attention to myself, until my back started bothering me. My son bought me your Prickle Pad. When I saw it I must admit that I was very sceptical but decided to give it a go. I felt much better after the first session and next morning I didn’t have pain at all! It has proved a real find, thanks. G.Furnell, Swansea 
My Acupressure Mat was a wonderful help with the back pain I was experiencing and sciatica that came as a result of muscle strain. Regular 10 minute applications over a number of days gave me a warm feeling in the strain area and seemed to loosen up muscles so that I was able to recover quickly. I have not suffered any symptoms since, thank you! Claire Houghton, Woking
Thank you very much for my Acupressure Mat, it has helped me enormously. I can’t imagine how I managed without it. It’s the tops! Fiona Simon, Birmingham 
Since using my Acupressure Mat my back is almost pain free, I can walk and take part in activities with my children. If I ever experience pain I use the Mat to kill the pain in early stages. I wish I had discovered your mat earlier!! David Kirkwood, Essex

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